REGIMENTAL LINE FOR GREAT CHEFS: The Varvello Regimental Line is ideal for the cuisine and new international gastronomic trends. We boasts the collaboration with Italian Food Style Education Association and its great Chefs, to promote the culture of wine vinegar and vinegar base condiments.

BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA PGI: This is the jewel of our company. Next to the history Piedmont plant of La Loggis (turin), the vinegar of Bastiglia (Modena), Owned by Varvello, makes it’s appearance in the heart of the typical production area of Balsamic Vinega of Modena PGI.

The most exclusive vinegars and  condiments for the most refined tables  have the name of TAceto Reale”, the  top of the VarvelIo’s range that includes  the Red and White Wine Vinegar aged  in fine wooden barrels, the Balsamic  Vinegar of Modena PGI, Apple Vinegar  aged in barrique and glazes based on  Balsamic Vinegar PGI.

Let’s stay in Piedmont. A land with great varieties of ancient, flavoured, rustic and resistant apples.  Apples  have always been found on the table of our land, from mixed fried food to a dessert. A completely new line  for the international  market that offers new consumption  habits.Nettare Reale is a pure, unfiltered vinegar,  because it still contains “the mother” and is obtained only from certified Italian apples. From being a  knight of your dishes, it now becomes the undisputed  star of fruit vinegar-based drinks, with the add ition of super food i ng red ients such as ginger,  mint, lemon and honey. Quench your thirst with pleasure and well-being.

We have thought of everyone.  Varvello also takes care of the little  gourmets for which the baby food line is targeted.  With an irresistible flavour, made only with natural ingredients,they are excellent as an afternoon snack. Available in a miniature  format to satisfy your thirst for joy

APPLE VINEGAR: Entrust your well-being to apple cider vinegar.

The benefit of unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

  • Ideal for recovering from fatigue
  • Increase the metabolism, thus promoting weight control.
  • Helps digestion.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the immune system.