We are a supplier to food manufacturers for a range of functional and natural ingredients, this includes dried spices, dried herbs, dried fruits, dried vegetables, seasoning, essences, oleoresins, natural extracts, natural colours, natural flavours, and smoke extracts.


Our experience has always been at the forefront of innovation, gluten-free products such as red lentil pasta and pea pasta among the products we have brought to the market.

We continue to apply the same innovative thinking right across our product range – helping to give our customers the edge with exclusive access to new and emerging food products and ingredients.

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We import and process hundreds of quality ingredients from around the world. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to simplify the overwhelming choice of ingredients.

Our expertise and knowledge of ingredients has been developed with market experience within the industrial food sector. We adapt to continuous change in an evolving market place in order to meet our customer needs and expectations.

Sourcing food ingredients is resource intensive and can be very costly for food producers, however our decades of experience and longstanding strategic partnerships with many of the leading ingredients manufacturers around the globe makes us commercially competitive and ethically sound.

We take the pain out of identifying alternative sources for your ingredients, we sell quality products at highly competitive prices and manage any specific requirements which ensures our customer service is unprecedented.