Peeled Plum and Chopped Tomatoes

Chick Peas

3 Bean Salad

Butter Beans

Packed With Nutrients.

Good source of vitamin A and C,

Delicious and perfect for salad

Tastier than the rest

Red Kidney

Succulent and Tasty

Suitable For Vegetarians

Perfect for salad

Healthy Source of Protien

Red and White Cooking wine

Fe Cooking wine range is full of flavour, aroma and adds moisture to a dish.

It is also perfect as a marinade for meat and vegetables to give them an amazing taste 

Our Lemon juices are made from excellent quality fresh lemons.

Lemon Juice 250ml

Packing Mode: 12 x 400 ml

Lemon Dressing 400ml

Fantastic dressings for salad.

Packing Mode: 24 x 400 ml

Fe Sauce Range